air conditioner condenser frozen
Air Conditioner Condenser Frozen Problems? Call the Experts
Proper heating and cooling are essential to our lives. Modern homes require efficient systems for comfort and functionality. Obviously, nothing beats the summer heat like a good air conditioner. Similarly, there is no substitute for escaping from the harsh winter cold into a warm home. But, what happens when problems occur with these systems? It’s not just your family’s comfort at risk. Health issues surface when our environment is too hot or too cold. That’s ...Read More
Winston Salem air conditioning repair
Winston Salem Air Conditioning Repair – Get Your AC Ready for Next Year
With summer behind us, we can finally say goodbye to the intense heat we had to endure. There were times over the last several months where it felt as though it would never be cool again. As a result, if you are like most homeowners, you gave your air conditioning unit quite a workout. Hopefully, it provided you with the comfort you needed. But, if it didn’t now’s the time to get it looked at ...Read More
AC blowing warm air
I’ve Got an AC Blowing Warm Air – What Do I Do Now?
An AC blowing warm air is a major inconvenience for your family that no one wants to experience. Also, if you’re in the middle of a heat wave, it can even be dangerous. That means it’s important to quickly determine the cause of the problem. Some of these can be addressed by anyone with a little knowledge of their home’s HVAC systems. For others, you’ll need to call a licensed HVAC company with professional knowledge ...Read More
AC home repair
AC Home Repair – Don’t Wait – Get The Solution Now
This time of year, the weather is hot and humid. To avoid the extreme temperatures, many people turn to their AC units for cool relief. In fact, there is no better way to enjoy summer than from the comfortable coolness of your house. However, running your AC on full blast means it’s more susceptible to problematic breakdowns. One effective way to avoid AC breakdowns is to schedule regular seasonal maintenance. At Aspire Heating, Cooling, & Electrical, AC ...Read More
HVAC Winston Salem Units Slammed by Scorching Heat
In this country, we love luxury. One of the most precious is air conditioning. Therefore, when summer heat makes the outside unbearable, we have a nice, cool environment inside. At least we do until it breaks. Then, our cool oasis quickly becomes victim to the scorching heat. When this happens, you need someone to call who will help you at a moment’s notice. Aspire Heating and Cooling is the company to call! Luckily, they have ...Read More
ac fan not turning on
​AC Fan Not Turning on Properly – Fix it Fast!
So, do you have an AC fan not turning on properly? We are going to go ahead and assume that you do, because who searches that for the fun it? If you are, no judgement from us. This AC fan question is the exact sort of thing that we actually question on a near-daily basis! Fortunately, we don’t just wonder about it. Our diligent experts know how to fix it! How to Fix an AC ...Read More
AC blowing warm air
​Air Conditioning Service Winston Salem – Trust Aspire
It has been a particularly brutal spring and summer in the Winston-Salem area. If you are like most people, you have probably tried to stay inside as much as possible. However, this can only supply you with relief if your air conditioning works well. If it is having some issues – or not running at all – you must be suffering. Fortunately, you can get quality air conditioning service Winston Salem quickly with Aspire Heating ...Read More
air conditioning service Winston Salem
It’s Aspire for Air Conditioning Service Winston Salem
North Carolina weather is some of the best in the country. Typically, winters are mild, while spring and fall bring some of the most beautiful weather around. However, the summer can bring heat and humidity that can make things very uncomfortable. And, if you don’t have working air conditioning it can be practically unbearable. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your air conditioning is running smoothly before the heat really moves in. Give Aspire ...Read More
Winston Salem air conditioning repair
​Winston Salem Air Conditioning Repair Easy with Aspire
Summer is a time for fun in the sun! Air conditioning troubles definitely do not fit into that puzzle! There are so many things that could go wrong with an air conditioner. In the summer, these problems are much more likely due to the heavy use. For Winston Salem air conditioning repair that you can trust, contact Aspire Heating & Cooling. Whether you need a one-time fix or an entire system replacement, they are ready ...Read More
what causes AC lines to freeze
​Ever Wonder What Causes AC Lines to Freeze in Summer?
If you are wondering what causes AC lines to freeze then you probably already have a problem. Fortunately, it may be small and something that you can fix yourself. In case you can’t, Aspire is here to help. We offer honest pricing and reliable solutions. And, you can depend on us for a no-mess visit. Our local experts provide fast turnaround and always clean up before leaving. What to Check When Your Lines Freeze Although ...Read More