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When Your Furnace Wont Shut Off Take These 3 Steps
My Furnace wont Shut Off -- What Now? An overactive furnace can be frustrating and worrisome. The good news is, you might be able to solve the problem yourself. At Aspire Heating, Cooling, and Electrical, we’re qualified to handle the toughest HVAC problems. But when a customer’s furnace wont shut off we take a few simple first steps to troubleshoot the problem. Here are our tips for figuring out whether it’s time to call the ...Read More
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​Signs You Need to Speak with Furnace Repair Companies
Although the weather has been pretty mild, the cold stuff is coming! It will not be long before we have to deal with things like snow and freezing rain. There will also be plenty of days that do not get above freezing. Is your home ready for this? If last winter was very uncomfortable for you, there could be something wrong with your furnace. Now is the time to start looking into furnace repair companies ...Read More
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Before calling for gas furnace repair – click here!
Common Gas Furnace Issues to Check Before Calling Check for electrical power to the gas furnace. Even if you know your equipment has a problem, in most situations, it is not possible to correctly diagnose the problem if the gas furnace or home has no power. Thermostat If the thermostat is blank, check to see if the thermostat has batteries, replace batteries as needed. A blank thermostat could also indicate a tripped water safety switch ...Read More