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​AC Blowing Hot Air – Fix Your Air Conditioner Today
North Carolina is known for its hot and humid summers. Of course, with southern summers capable of reaching extreme temperatures, it’s important to have a reliable air conditioner. You need to cool your house for the comfort and health of your family. However, like any other electronic equipment, your air conditioner needs regular checkups to ensure proper working condition. If you’ve been having issues with your unit, it probably needs servicing so your home will ...Read More
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Expense of a Service Company
Why does AC service cost so much? Let’s have a look below at how a great AC service company needs to charge to stay in business. https://www.aspireheatingcooling.com/ The Loaded Cost of an AC Service Company First off with benefits, state and federal taxes and the cost for a professional technician is around $70 per hour in the Mocksville, Winston Salem area and about $90 in Charlotte; we call this ‘fully loaded cost’. Fully Burdened Cost of an ...Read More