Ductless Air Conditioners – Are They Right for Your Home?

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  • Ductless Air Conditioners – Are They Right for Your Home?
  • 21 Dec, 2022
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Ductless Air Conditioners – Are They Right for Your Home?

When you need to upgrade your HVAC unit, you may want to consider ductless air conditioners for your home. With a ductless unit, there are pros and cons. Is this the best option for your family? Here at Aspire Heating & Cooling, we can help you decide!

What Are Ductless Air Conditioners or Mini-Split Systems?

A ductless air conditioner is a unit that mounts to your wall. Also called mini-split systems or units, they have a compressor outside. However, these systems do not require a window; you simply need a small hole drilled into the wall. With a ductless unit, as the name implies, you don’t have ductwork running throughout your house. These systems typically cool one room or an open part of your living space.

Ductless units cost more upfront than typical window-mounted air conditioners. They can also cost more than central heating and cooling if you are adding units to your whole house. So, why do people choose ductless air conditioners instead of window units or central cooling systems? Let’s take a look at the advantages to these systems.

Benefits of Ductless Units

First, ductless systems make sense when you want to cool a single room or area without giving up a window. Many people prefer the aesthetic of a ductless unit mounted on the wall. Also, this may be the only option if the room’s windows do not easily allow a window-mounted unit to fit.

Beyond the aesthetics, however, ductless systems are also extremely energy-efficient options. According to this article, you can save up to 30% on your bill as compared to traditional central air. Over time, some homeowners find that their unit pays for itself. Of course, this depends on how often you use your air conditioning. However, these energy-efficient units are hands-down better for the environment and your energy bill.

Additionally, ductless units are typically less likely to need repair than window units. Not only do they last longer, but they are less likely to leak. If your unit does require repair or maintenance, we can get the job done quicklyServicing a ductless unit is quick and painless; we can handle it for you on a regular basis.

Who Should Use Ductless Units?

Ductless units make the most sense in specific situations:

  • You want to cool a specific room of the house. In this kind of situation, where the entire house doesn’t need to be cooled, a ductless unit makes sense. Keep in mind that this can also help comfort levels for everyone in your home. Since you can cool just one room, you don’t have to battle over the thermostat anymore.
  • A new addition needs a cooling system. Instead of overloading your current HVAC unit, install a ductless unit.
  • You want a greener home that is more energy-efficient and environmentally-responsible. Yes, comfort is nice, but having a greener option is a fringe benefit!
  • Your home doesn’t currently have any air conditioning. Although ductwork can be less expensive in new homes, this isn’t typically the case in existing homes. Many homeowners find that ductless units cost less than adding ductwork to a house not originally built with ductwork.

If a ductless unit makes sense for you, we can help! Our NATE-certified professionals have years of experience with installing new ductless units. Or, if a traditional HVAC unit with ducts makes more sense, we can help in this area as well. If you aren’t sure, we’ll help you decide which type of unit is best for your home. We want you to experience ultimate comfort during the hottest part of the year.

Contact us today to get a free quote for your next unit and to learn more about HVAC financing. We offer many options including 0% interest and low monthly payments. There is no need to wait when you need HVAC repairs, maintenance or a new unit. Today, call us at 336-281-0047.

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