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Aspire Heating, Cooling & Electrical is proud to announce that we employ licensed and experienced electricians to help you with any of your electrical problems. We can help with all your electrical services needs. Need to rewire a room or your entire house? Does your breaker need replacing? Or, do you need to protect your electronic devices with surge protection? We’ve got you covered. We’re so pleased that we can help your family keep your entire house in top shape! Our professional electrical services are a great complement to our already fantastic heating & cooling services.

Electrical Repairs – How Can We Help You?

If you’re constantly tripping breakers, or having power outages, this could be a sign that there are major problems with your homes electrical system. Whether the problem is with your homes breaker or the electrical companies system, we can help you diagnose and fix your electrical problems. Our electricians at Aspire Heating, Cooling & Electrical don’t like to employ scare tactics on our customers. It’s simply the right call to trust a certified electrician to take care of your electrical repairs so you and your family stay safe.

Telltale Signs of an Electrical Issue

Most homeowners know that poor electrical work or dated electrical systems pose a fire hazard, or even worse injure you if you tamper with them. Below are some things to look out for if you have an aging or experience any electrical problems.

  • Burn Marks
  • Corrosion
  • Loose conductors
  • Worn out or frayed wires
  • Rust
  • Aged/Cloth wiring

If you notice any of the above with your homes wiring, it’s best to not tamper with them. But, rather call a professional as soon as possible. Our certified & qualified electricians will diagnose the problem quickly and safely. We will bring your home up to code, or simply make your electrical system safe for you and your family to use. For any electrical problems you may have, call Aspire Heating, Cooling & Electrical at 336-936-9111 today for more details!

“The character of a company is not how they act when things are going well but how they react when things do not go as planned. In my installation vertical drilling did not work due to soil conditions and after several failed attempts they changed to a horizontal field. This necessitated changing the copper lines that were already onsite to ones that would work in a horizontal field. Aspire did this without any hesitation and did what was necessary to get the installation done. The people that did the work were professional and walked me through how to most effectively operate the system. After the installation was complete I had a minor glitch and Aspire immediately corrected the problem. I am very pleased with their customer service.”

– Jerry Cheek

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