HVAC service Winston Salem NC

North Carolina is known for its hot and humid summers. Of course, with southern summers capable of reaching extreme temperatures, it’s important to have a reliable air conditioner. You need to cool your house for the comfort and health of your family. However, like any other electronic equipment, your air conditioner needs regular checkups to ensure proper working condition. If you’ve been having issues with your unit, it probably needs servicing so your home will be cool again! it. A common problem with air conditioning units is when they start blowing hot, rather than cool, air. AC blowing hot air means it’s time to get professional help. Now, it’s time to call the professionals at Aspire Heating & Cooling.

AC Blowing Hot Air – Fix the Problem Now

Is your air conditioner producing hot air? Fix the problem fast. You don’t want to spend this summer sweating in your house. So, while the problem could be a simple issue, it could also require replacement of parts. Some simple problems which you can fix yourself include changing a dirty air filter or cleaning the unit. However, your air conditioner could be suffering from a more serious problem, like a refrigerant leak or a tripped breaker. If this is the case, it’s time to schedule a maintenance appointment with Aspire.

With years of knowledge and experience, Aspire’s technicians bring quality to every project. They know your time is valuable. Therefore, they will diagnose the problem then give you fast solutions to get your AC unit back up and running.

Besides AC Repair, Aspire Can Also Install New AC Units

How old is your air conditioner and is it beyond repair? Don’t fear, Aspire can install brand new air conditioners as well as restoring old units. Before the project even begins, they’ll give you a competitive pricing quote and organized project management. This means that upfront, you’ll know the price, have a detailed project schedule and have a completion date.

In addition, Aspire also offers you peace of mind with their overtime service. Overtime service allows you to call them any time of day. So, if your AC fails you after hours, they’re ready to help. AC blowing hot air means it’s time to act. For fast and professional service, contact Aspire today!

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