Winston Salem air conditioning repair

If you’ve got an air conditioner fan not spinning you might be worried — especially if it’s summer! But there’s no need to fear. You can perform a few simple checks to figure out what’s wrong. Then, call the friendly professionals at Aspire Heating & Cooling to make it right.

The Reasons It Might Be Happening

We’ll get the bad news out of the way first: if your air conditioner’s fan isn’t spinning, it’s unlikely to be something you can fix yourself. But, you can find out a little more about what’s wrong:

  • Faulty fan motor or capacitor: If you hear the compressor running but the fan isn’t spinning, this is likely the problem. Try starting the fan by spinning it with a stick. (Don’t use your fingers!) If the fan starts up again, you need your fan motor or capacitor replaced. Turn your system off so you don’t overheat it, then call Aspire.
  • Electrical problems or bad compressor: If the compressor isn’t running, the problem may be a little more serious. Electricity may not be coming into the unit. Or, the compressor has failed. Check your breaker; a tripped breaker may indicate that your A/C has an electrical issue. Either problem requires a visit by a professionally trained HVAC installer and electrician.

Air Conditioner Fan Not Spinning – Call Aspire!

No matter what the problem is, the professionals at Aspire can handle it. Local veterans founded Aspire to show our community a better HVAC experience. Our highest commitment is to unquestioned professionalism and community service.

For critical home HVAC protection, Aspire recommends our maintenance plan. Don’t just react when things go wrong — be proactive and keep your HVAC systems well-maintained. And when the worst does happen, the maintenance plan gives you service when you need it — even after hours.

Got an air conditioner fan not spinning or other HVAC issue? To set up a new maintenance plan or schedule an appointment, call Aspire today at 336-750-6895 or contact us online.

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