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Before you call for heating repair service, check this list to save money!

We at Aspire Heating & Cooling put together this list of easily homeowner correctable things to check before calling out a heating repair company. Once you have checked off everything on this list and need a local reliable heating repair company, click here to set up an appointment! https://aspireheatingcooling.com/contact-us/

Does your house have power? – AC or Heat repair related

Even if you know your heating system has a problem, it is not possible to correctly diagnose the problem if the home does not have any power.

Is your digital thermostat blank? – AC or Heat repair related

You may need to simply replace the batteries in your heating or cooling digital thermostat if the display is blank. Some heating system thermostats require batteries to operate, and some do not. If the batteries are not the issue, then a loss of power to the heating system could be the problem. You can check to see that the furnace has power to it.

Do you have gas?

Well, that could be a personal question, he he. But on a serious note, many times we have gone out to a home for a no heating overtime call only to find that the gas to the house was off. Also, if you have propane, your tank may be running low. Check to see that all this is good before calling your heating repair company. Should the gas is off or out, you may need a service call from your heating repair company after the gas issue is corrected. Better to have to pay for only one trip after the gas is back on.

Are your air filter(s) dirty? – AC or Heat repair related

Dirty air filters can be a real system killer! Without proper air flow, a gas furnace can overheat and lockout on a high temp lockout or worse, crack a heat exchanger causing you to have to replace your heating system. On the AC side, a dirty air filter can cause your system to freeze up or worse, cause your air conditioner compressor to seize up leading to you needing to replace your air conditioner system.

Check your circuit breaker – AC or Heat repair related

A tripped circuit breaker can have several meanings. If you see that the breaker feeding any part of your heating or cooling system has been tripped, try to reset and see if that corrects the issue. If your circuit breaker trips again, call your heating or cooling service company. If the reset works and no further effect occurs, it may have been just a power surge or spike to the home.

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