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Owners of business and commercial buildings have to ensure that their HVAC systems are always in good working order. They play an integral role in keeping people comfortable. This is important for employees, customers, and anyone else who comes inside. When a system is not working properly, it can really hurt business. But, how do you know when you should contact a commercial HVAC near me for help?

6 Signs Your HVAC System Needs a Repair, Maintenance, or Replacement

Higher than Normal Energy Bills

If the temperature on the thermostat remains consistent throughout the year, so should the power bills. But if you – or perhaps your tenants – keep getting higher and higher bills, something is not right. This is a major indicator that your system isn’t working efficiently.

Different Temperatures in Different Rooms

A building’s temperature should not fluctuate significantly from room to room. If this happens, generally there are three possible culprits. Bad pipes or poor duct insulation could be the problem, or the HVAC system itself could be faulty.

Strange Noises

Aside from the basic operating noises from the system, there should not be anything weird or out of the ordinary. Squealing may indicate a problem with the motor’s fan belt. If you hear gurgling, this could indicate low coolant. With a hissing sound, the refrigerant line might have a leak.

Bad Smells

HVAC systems should not cause any bad odors. If they do, most likely there is a ventilation problem. When the smell is oily or metallic, chances are that there is some sort of blockage in the ductwork.

Puddles of Water

When you ran the AC last year, there may have been some condensation on the unit. However, that should be the extent of the water you see. When HVAC systems work properly, this condensation should drain through a drip tray. If you see puddles on the ground, this means there is something wrong with the drainage system.

A Rise in Humidity

In addition to supplying heat and cool air, your HVAC should also decrease humidity inside a building. If the moisture levels are high, the system isn’t doing its job correctly. As a result of this, there is the possibility that the system will rust.

Aspire Heating & Cooling – The Only Commercial HVAC Near Me You Need

If you have noticed any of the above issues, you need your HVAC system examined. For expert technicians, you can count on Aspire Heating & Cooling. Our fully-licensed, NATE-certified technicians have factory training with all makes and models of HVAC systems and heat pumps. We also have training with the Mitsubishi VRF unit, which many local HVAC companies do not.

From basic maintenance to repairs to complete replacements, Aspire is the only commercial HVAC near me you need. In addition to a 100 percent guarantee on our work, we also offer financing. We welcome you to take a look at some of the businesses we work with in and around Winston-Salem. Our focus is on customer service. For a free quote, you can call us at 336-281-0047 or just send us a message through our online contact form.

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