what causes AC lines to freeze

If you are wondering what causes AC lines to freeze then you probably already have a problem. Fortunately, it may be small and something that you can fix yourself. In case you can’t, Aspire is here to help. We offer honest pricing and reliable solutions. And, you can depend on us for a no-mess visit. Our local experts provide fast turnaround and always clean up before leaving.

What to Check When Your Lines Freeze

Although it seems odd that ice is hanging out on your AC lines under the scorching sun, it’s not uncommon. A mechanism inside your air conditioning unit, the evaporator coil, freezes when refrigerant gets too cold. Since there are a few reasons why this happens, check a couple of things before you call in the pros. (That’s us, by the way!)

First, make sure that there is no blockage on the air entrance points. Reduced airflow over the evaporator coil causes it to freeze. Next, check for closed vents and open them. After that, make sure that furniture or other items aren’t obstructing the return vent (where you change your filters). Finally, while you’re there, check for dirty filters which also reduce airflow.

Then, if none of these seem to be the problem, it’s time to call Aspire Heating & Cooling. We will come and check other issues that may cause a frozen evaporator coil. A dirty evaporator coil, malfunctioning indoor blower or refrigerant leak are all common causes.

Let Us Worry About What Causes AC Lines to Freeze:

Don’t get yourself in a jam to begin with. We have several tiers of service plans that include regular tune-ups to keep your air-conditioner in the best shape possible. Plus, our plan maintenance owners get overtime service at no extra charge! That means no sweating it out for days waiting for relief. Our technicians are available morning, afternoon and night 365 days a year.

Additionally, regular maintenance saves you money in the long run and can be better for your health. When your unit isn’t working properly, it can raise your power bill. Some issues can actually cause permanent damage to your unit and even your home. A small repair today can prevent a large problem later on. Furthermore, polluted air adversely affects your health. Keep yourself and your family safe with healthier indoor air quality.

So, stop worrying about what causes AC lines to freeze today! That’s our job. If you are a homeowner in Winston-Salem, Clemmons, Bermuda Run or Advance, give us a call so we can help. Contact us at 336-750-6895 or online!

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