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Now that it’s officially winter, we are approaching the coldest time of the year. Even here in the south, temperatures have been known to drop in the twenties, sometimes even lower. With the cold weather comes frost and ice, not a good combination. One of the best ways to combat the plummeting temperatures is by enjoying a heated home. Your furnace is the key to that. However, is your furnace not working properly? Have you tirelessly tried to fix it, but to no avail? Maybe your water heater is also having problems. You don’t want to wait when you have furnace issues, as that will only lead to bigger problems later. Instead, search for furnace repair near me and get professional maintenance from Aspire Heating & Cooling.

Common Furnace Problems

Ah, hot air! You turn on your furnace hoping for a toasty warm home. Hours later, you discover that your furnace hasn’t been heating your house. Or, maybe you no longer require the use of your furnace and are having a problem turning off the heat! Has either of these problems recently happened to you? Don’t panic as there are several common furnace problems that could very well be the cause.

Having a broken blower fan motor is one of those problems. Every furnace has a blower or fan that pulls cool air from your home and replaces it with warm air. A motor powers that blower or fan. Occasionally, that motor could have a glitch that would cause it to either run non-stop or shut down completely. Of course, when that happens, you must have a professional repair or troubleshoot that broken motor. Normally, they can fix the problem by repairing the wiring or installing a brand-new switch.

Another common problem is leaky ductwork. In this case, the warm air is leaking into your attic. Thus, you’ll need to have your air ducts repaired. Also, the issue could be a malfunctioning thermostat. Since this is an electrical problem, you should not attempt to fix the problem yourself.

The Problems You Can Fix Yourself

Before you call for maintenance, there are two things you can try yourself. First, check the setting on your thermostat. It should be on AUTO, not ON. Believe it or not, having your furnace set to ON doesn’t actually mean that it’s running non-stop. Rather, the blower fan is. To fix this issue, simply turn the dial from ON to AUTO to resolve the problem. Second, check your air filters to ensure that they’re not coated in dirt and grime. Due to restrictive air flow, a dirty air filter will actually make your furnace run non-stop. For a quick and easy fix, simply replace it with a clean, new air filter. After that, wait an hour and your furnace should be back to normal, providing the heat you expect.

If neither one of these solutions has helped, then it’s time to search furnace repair near me to let the experts handle it. Depending on the problem and whether or not you need replacement parts, the repair cost will vary. Therefore, you won’t be able to know the maintenance price until you call the professionals.

Call Aspire for Furnace Repair Near Me

Finding quality furnace repair doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply search for furnace repair near me and find Aspire, the heating experts. Professionally licensed and insured HVAC technicians, you can be sure you’re getting the best service from them. Additionally, they promise a personalized solution for every job. Hence, you’re not just another customer to them as they’ll take the time to get to know you. In addition to service, look for professionals with years of experience, positive reviews,.

Of course, the best way to prevent major problems is to have a professional perform regular maintenance on your HVAC system. By having scheduled service during the year, they will repair small problems before they become expensive issues. Aspire has several maintenance plans that fit every budget. Need a replacement system? Aspire has the quality products and expert installers to handle any size replacement project.

So, the next time you’re experiencing a problem with your heat, call Aspire for fast and professional service. Call 336-281-0047 and let the professionals repair your HVAC unit.

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