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At Aspire Heating & Cooling, we love what we do — and we love to talk about it! As your HVAC Winston Salem NC professionals, we see it as part of our job to empower our clients with knowledge. So, today we’ll go over some of the most basic and important facts on how an HVAC system works. Then, we’ll discuss how to make sure yours is everything you want it to be!

HVAC Basics

An HVAC system is the combination of equipment that regulates the volume, direction, and temperature of air flow in your home. It’s responsible for keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

How exactly do these contraptions work? There are many different configurations for an HVAC system. But most include these basic elements (courtesy of Renovate America):

  • Furnace: A furnace uses one of several methods, from fuel burning to solar energy, to heat air for your home.
  • Air Conditioning Unit: This three-part system keeps you cool. The compressor and condenser (usually outside your house) store refrigerant gas. Then, it pumps the refrigerant to cool the air your A/C unit pulls in.
  • Thermostat: You probably know how this works. The thermostat enables you to control the operation of the A/C and furnace to set your preferred temperature.
  • Vents and ducts: These are responsible for pulling in, pumping out, circulating, and distributing air at your preferred temperature.

When you’ve put all of these things together, they form a complex chain that’s vital to keeping your home comfortable. However, they’re far from self-maintaining. That’s why finding a great HVAC contractor like Aspire Heating & Cooling, can save you time and money!


Maybe you’re building a brand-new home, or maybe you just bought that fixer-upper you fell in love with. Either way, you’ll need heating installation. How much can you expect to pay? You’ll need an estimate to find out for sure, but here are a few factors that influence the cost:

  • Home size
  • Type of heating fuel (natural gas, oil heat, etc.)
  • Heat retention efficiency of your windows and doors

Fortunately, Aspire offers free estimates. You can be on your way to a toasty new system that will provide years of comfort! We also offer heat pump installation for even better energy efficiency.


Nobody likes the feel of a cold chill when you’re expecting warmth and comfort. If you’re experiencing any of the following, it’s likely time to call Aspire:

  • A system that’s blowing the wrong temperature air
  • Significantly higher heating and A/C bills than normal, when you haven’t been running your system more
  • Poor air quality, bad smells, or loud noises when you run your system

We know nobody wants to waste their day waiting for a technician. And, it’s even worse when you’re shivering through a winter outage. So, our technicians arrive on time and do the job right, with an up-front estimate and no surprises.


Of course, the best way to deal with problems is to prevent them in the first place. A qualified HVAC professional can perform a variety of services to keep your system running in tip-top shape.

  • According to Angie’s List, most experts recommend a vent cleaning every two to five years. This helps prevent the growth of mold and other organisms that can grow in air ducts.
  • A dirty air filter can overwork your system and cause air quality issues. Make sure to check yours regularly. (Not sure where it is? Try this handy guide.)
  • Your HVAC provider should regularly check your wiring, coolant, and other system essentials.

tune-up plan from Aspire is the perfect way to ensure great system performance all year long. This package of essential services not only saves you money. It also gives the peace of mind that only a well-maintained system can bring!

Your HVAC Winston Salem NC Professionals

We hope you’ve found this quick rundown enlightening. Here at Aspire, we’re passionate about our work, and we love to share our passion with our clients!

Aspire is a veteran-owned company with years of service to Clemmons, Winston-Salem, Advance, and the surrounding area. Our founders decided they wanted to continue their proud history of service by helping Piedmont Triad homeowners maintain HVAC excellence. We’re a locally-focused HVAC Winston Salem NC contractor. To set up your appointment, call Aspire today at 336-281-0047 or contact usonline!

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