Outdoor Central HVAC Unit

In this country, we love luxury. One of the most precious is air conditioning. Therefore, when the summer heat makes the outside unbearable, we have a nice, cool environment inside. At least we do until it breaks. Then, our cool oasis quickly becomes victim to the scorching heat. When this happens, you need someone to call who will help you at a moment’s notice. Aspire Heating and Cooling is the company to call! Luckily, they have the experts available to help with HVAC Winston Salem units.

Diagnosis is Key!

When your home’s HVAC unit is struggling, immediately start the troubleshooting. So, before you call for an expert at Aspire, you may want to do some initial diagnosis yourself. There may be some simple repairs you can do on your own.

Air Conditioner is Running but NOT Cooling

There are several reasons your air conditioner may not be cooling your home. First, check your thermostat settings. If it is set to “On,” it is set to continuously blow – even when it arrives at the correct temperature. You can change your setting to “Auto” to stop it from blowing unnecessarily. Second, your air filter may be dirty and in need of replacing. Third, there may be some outdoor debris clogging your unit.

Frozen AC Lines

Your evaporator coil can freeze if the refrigerant is too cold. First, make sure that air can enter the air conditioner without a problem. If there are obstructions, it can cause the air conditioner to malfunction. Second, make sure that you have opened all of your home’s vents. Third, make sure there are no barriers in front of the return vent, such as furniture. The return vent is where you routinely changed your filter. If you haven’t changed that recently, go ahead and do that as well.

Blowing Hot Air

If your HVAC Winston Salem unit is blowing hot air, there is a definite problem. Cleaning your system and filter could possibly be the issue. However, this one is likely a larger problem. Go ahead and call to schedule some maintenance for your unit! Aspire Heating and Cooling service technicians will diagnose your problem and get you a solution quickly.

Service and Repair for HVAC Winston Salem Units from Experts

If you didn’t find any of these problems, then you may have a bigger issue. Call for help! Aspire offers professional, reliable HVAC repair. Trust them to get your home cool again!

Furthermore, one way to improve the operation of your HVAC unit is to perform routine maintenance. Aspire can assist with a regularly scheduled servicing appointment. Just as your car needs oil changes, your HVAC unit needs periodic servicing to combat wear and tear.

Anytime is the Right Time to Call Aspire

No matter the time of day. Don’t suffer in the heat. Contact them at 336-281-0047 to set your home at a more comfortable temperature!

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