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Homeowners know that some of the biggest headaches can come from heating or cooling systems. From system wear and tear to sudden breakdowns, it’s hard to know what’s wrong when there are symptoms. North Carolina weather can compound this problem. Hot and humid days in the summer give way to cold and snow in the winter. Some owners may experience a smell emanating from their heating or cooling system. This is not uncommon, especially for this area. But it takes an expert to properly diagnose and solve the problem. If you notice that your AC smells bad – don’t wait—call Aspire Heating & Cooling today. They can help with all heating or cooling issues, from repair to servicing.

My AC Smells Bad – What Do I Do?

It is not uncommon for smells to accompany the air that your AC pumps through your vents. In fact, it is quite logical. Your AC system pumps air throughout your house. This circulated air comes from wherever the intake of the system is. So, if there is a smell anywhere, the system will carry the odor all the way through the air flow.

Exactly what smell you experience will tell you a lot about what the problem is. Two of the most common AC smells are musty, dirty smells and rotten egg smells. If you experience a musty smell, similar to dirty laundry, the culprit is usually mold or bacteria buildup. A rotten egg smell, however, usually means that pests or dead animals are somewhere in your system. In either case, the smell can be harmful. Deadly bacteria or mold can result from these issues. It’s important that you call an expert immediately if you notice your AC smells bad now or in the future.

Aspire Offers a Maintenance Plan

Aspire offers a unique maintenance plan that offers peace of mind for all customers. Just as with a car, preventative maintenance can keep your system running smoothly. Aspire’s maintenance plan offers the same benefits as an oil change for your car. Make sure your system is running smoothly to minimize the risk of sudden or complete failure. Homeowners in the Clemmons, Winston-Salem, Bermuda Run, and Advance areas can rest easy knowing they’re covered. Maintenance plan and existing customers get special overtime access to expert technicians for added peace of mind.

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