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One of man’s most basic physiological needs is the desire for warmth. In the dead of winter when the mercury slides lower, we rely on our heating system to keep us warm. However, the failure to maintain our furnace can lead to unexpected breakdowns. If it’s chilly and you need service, you want a quick response. When searching for furnace repair near me providing remarkable service, choose Aspire Heating & Cooling.

We are a veteran-owned and operated HVAC company serving the greater Winston-Salem area. Our NATE-certified HVAC technicians service, repair, and install heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality systems. With prompt, professional service, you’ll soon be enjoying toasty warmth again. Using the latest innovations, we can find a solution to any furnace problem.

Start by Checking Your Circuit Breaker or Fuses

When your furnace stops working, check your circuit breaker or fuses first. Although checking these components may seem obvious, some HVAC service calls involve these elements. A temporary power surge can cause a tripped breaker or a blown fuse. You can solve this problem by resetting your breaker or changing your fuse. If you don’t experience any more problems, you can chalk it up to an electrical spike.

However, if your heating unit continually trips the breaker or blows a fuse, you may have another issue. Your HVAC system may be pulling too much power creating the issue. A clogged air filter can cause your furnace to draw too much power. So can a malfunctioning part. If the problem persists, call us, the furnace repair near me with experienced technicians, Aspire Heating & Cooling. We’re available every day, round the clock, to get your system functioning again.

Next Check Your Thermostat

Another common issue is the thermostat. Many common furnace problems arise from homeowners forgetting to set the thermostat to “on”. Before you call a heating repair technician, check your thermostat setting.

Next, change the batteries. Today’s digital thermostats use batteries to save your programmed settings in the event of a power outage. Even hardwired thermostats that draw power from your electrical system may use batteries. Dead batteries may decrease the function of these thermostats.

Moreover, dust may interfere with the correct functioning of your thermostat. After removing the cover, use canned air or a soft brush to clean away accumulated dust. While you have the cover off, check for loose or corroded wires.

Finally, your thermostat may have reached the end of its life. The general lifespan of a thermostat is about 10 years. If you’ve cleaned it, checked the batteries and settings with no response, call Aspire Heating & Cooling.

We can install both traditional and connected controls for your heating and air conditioner systems. Programmable thermostats can save on energy costs by reducing heating and cooling when you’re not at home or sleeping. On vacation and you forgot to adjust your thermostat setting? You can remotely change your indoor temperature setting easily from your phone or computer.

Another Common Problem Is A Clogged Filter

Most homeowners have good intentions, but they often forget to change the air filter in their HVAC system. Changing your furnace filter routinely is inexpensive and saves you from repair costs. Plus, air filters help maintain your indoor air quality.

As your air filter becomes clogged, the trapped dirt and debris restrict the airflow. Thus, your blower motor must work harder to circulate the air causing a strain on your system. This additional stress on your system may cause premature failure as well as a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. Also, your system will run longer as it tries to maintain your indoor comfort.

A clogged filter can also cause damage to the heat exchanger on your gas furnace. Without proper airflow, the exchanger can overheat. Eventually, the stress of too much overheating can cause your heat exchanger to crack. Once you develop cracks in the heat exchanger, there’s a risk of CO2 leakage into your home.

How Often Should A Change My Furnace Filter?

The frequency of changing your filter depends on a few factors. These factors include the number of people living in your home, and whether you have pets. If you have an average household with no pets, you should change your filter every 3 months. While if you have a pet or a large family, you should change the filter more often.

Additionally, the type of air filter you purchase helps determine the longevity. Manufacturers rate air filters with a rating known as MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value). The higher the MERV rating, the better the filter’s ability to remove particles from the air. However, higher MERV rated filters may also reduce airflow to your system.

It can be confusing trying to decide the right filter to buy. Using the wrong air filter can actually damage your system. The experienced technicians at Aspire Heating & Cooling can help you determine which is best for your system and living conditions.

When Was the Last Time You Scheduled Maintenance for Your Furnace?

Another thing many homeowners put off is furnace maintenance. Yet, servicing your HVAC is extremely important. Moreover, investing in regular maintenance can save you hundreds of dollars in expensive repair costs. Some repairs, like replacing a blower motor or heat exchanger run between $500-$1200.

Your HVAC system is a complex system with many parts. Eventually, some of these parts will wear out. Replacing an old part before it fails may save you on emergency furnace repair costs. During your tune-up, your technician will examine the mechanical parts of your system to make sure all are functioning correctly.

Furthermore, the technician will adjust or calibrate any necessary components. This ensures your heating system is operating at peak efficiency. Additionally, your HVAC technician will check connections and clean components. Thus, performing routine maintenance eliminates the worry of furnace failure during the coldest of days.

Routine maintenance also ensures the quality of your indoor air is good. During the winter, we spend more time indoors. A clean and properly-functioning furnace will provide clean and healthy air all through your home.

Sign up for a membership plan with Aspire Heating & Cooling today to provide you with toasty warmth all winter. We’re an HVAC contractor that makes you a priority. Our technicians inspect and maintain any type and brand of heating equipment. Whether you have an electric furnace, heat pump, oil, or gas furnace, we’re equipped to service your system. Plus, when you sign up for our plan, you’ll enjoy 15% off any necessary repairs. The maintenance plan includes 2 visits per year, one in the spring and one in the fall. This ensures that your heating and cooling systems are ready for the heat of the summer and the cold winter.

When Should I Replace My Furnace?

There comes a point in time when even the most well-maintained furnace needs replacement. When your furnace is nearing the 18-year-old mark, you probably want to start shopping for a new one. If you’re unsure of its age, you may be able to find the manufacture date on the furnace. Many manufacturers print the date of construction on the unit itself. Otherwise, you can use the system’s model number located on the unit to check with the manufacturer.

Even if your old furnace is still working, you may save energy costs by purchasing a newer, more-efficient model. With approximately 45% of all energy costs going towards heating, it makes sense to use an energy-efficient furnace. Additionally, your furnace may be giving you signs that it’s time to replace it. Increased energy bills, uneven heating, or frequent repairs are all signs you should make plans to buy a new unit.

During your service call, we’ll let you know if we think it’s time for a furnace replacement. We specialize in all types of heating systems including furnaces, geothermal heating, heat pumps, and ductless units. Our recommendations take into consideration your unique goals and budget to find the right system for you. Of course, we always try to repair your heating or cooling system before recommending replacement. That is the option only when the repairs may cost more than a new unit or the unit requires extensive repairs and its age indicates that other problems may soon arise. In these instances, it is more prudent to put the same money into a new unit that will also save on energy costs.

What Features Should I Look for In a New Furnace?

After you’ve decided that you need a new furnace, you have some options to consider. Some of these options can get technical, so you need a professional you can trust like Aspire Heating & Cooling. Price, which is usually the first consideration for most of us, relies on 4 factors:

  • Efficiency
  • Performance
  • Size (BTUs)
  • Brand

Modern heating systems range in efficiencies from 80%-98% as reflected by their AFUE rating. The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) measures the yearly heat output against the total energy it consumes. Thus, the higher the AFUE, the less energy the furnace wastes producing heat.

Moreover, heating systems can be single, two-stage, or variable stage models. The benefits of the different models depend upon the climate where you live. A more expensive variable rate furnace may not make sense in a warmer climate where the furnace runs less often.

Next, purchasing the correct size furnace is essential to heating your home. The standard unit of measurement for calculating the amount of heat output is BTU (British Thermal Unit). If you buy too small a unit, the furnace will be unable to heat your house. While too big a unit wastes fuel by producing too much heat.

Finally, not all brands are equal in reliability, durability, and efficiency. Quality and performance are paramount for your indoor comfort. That’s why we are a Trane Factory Authorized Dealer.

You Need a Great Brand with Quality Installation

Since 1885, Trane has been keeping American homes warm. An industry leader with over 1500 heating and cooling patents, Trane systems are reliable and durable. Strong warranties and a 93% customer satisfaction rating are some of the reasons we’ve partnered with Trane.

However, a heating system needs a quality installation to perform at peak efficiency. Incorrect furnace installation can lead to higher energy costs, stress on your system, and early failure. Our NATE-certified technicians adhere to strict and meticulous installation procedures. This results in peak efficiency, reliability, and longevity from your HVAC system.

We understand that investing in a new furnace is a costly venture. That’s why we have financing options with monthly payments you can afford. Even if your credit score isn’t perfect, we can offer a lease-to-own plan. Going without heat when it’s freezing, isn’t an option.

Furnace Repair Near Me That Winston Salem Residents Trust

“A warm house on a cold winter night is another name for paradise!”

― Mehmet Murat ildan

We derive comfort from the warmth of our heating systems. However, facing emergency furnace repair costs can be an expensive shock. If you have a problem with your HVAC, you want a professional dedicated to providing you with quality service. When searching for furnace repair near me providing exemplary help, choose Aspire Heating & Cooling.

Our technicians arrive on time ready to assist you with all your heating and cooling needs. Many residents of the Winston-Salem area trust us for indoor comfort. With installation, service, and maintenance of HVAC systems, we provide comprehensive assessments and solutions. Additionally, we have indoor air technology options to improve the environment in your home. With today’s increased need for circulating, healthy indoor air, our solutions will put your mind at ease and provide your family with a healthy environment.

So, before freezing temperatures set in, call us at 336-281-0047 to make an appointment for a furnace tune-up. There’s nothing more welcoming than a warm house on a cold winter night.

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