furnace blowing cold air

North Carolina winters have the tendency to be spring-like one week and blistering cold the next. When those cold days occur, you do not want your gas furnace blowing cold air instead of warm!

With the help of Aspire Heating & Cooling technicians, you will get a component diagnosis and personalized solution. They will determine if one of the following reasons is why you are getting cold air from your furnace.

Why Would a Furnace Blowing Cold Air Happen?

1. There might be an ignition problem or the pilot light may be out. This means the heater is not lighting the fuel. If re-lighting the pilot light does not work, then there are two possible problems. The component may need adjusting or replacing. Another possibility is the pilot light is dirty and needs cleaning.

2. The gas supply is not adequate. This can happen if the system locked down for safety reasons or you have a severed gas line.

3. Your thermostat is not set correctly. When your thermostat is set to ON, the fan will continuously blow air. Therefore, the temperature of air it blows is determined by where the thermostat is set. An easy fix to this issue is by simply setting your thermostat to AUTO.

4. A dirty air filter can cause the furnace to overheat. In turn, this often causes it to blow cold air. When a furnace overheats, its safety controls will shut off the burners. The fan continues to run, thus cooling the furnace and saving it from damage.

5. Condensate drain lines can clog after time. These drain lines remove the water created during the heating process. When they clog, they activate a switch that prevents the burners from lighting.

Why are Regular Maintenance Checks Important?

Just like any important necessity in our lives, such as cars, computers and our body, furnaces need maintenance checks. When you have technicians check your heating system regularly, it improves the life of your furnace. In addition, it is easier to catch small issues before they become large, expensive problems. Therefore, with maintenance checks, it is less likely that your furnace will ever blow cold air.

Maintenance checks by Aspire help keep monthly heating costs down by keeping all of the parts running smoothly. Moreover, your furnace will not have to work as hard, which also helps keep energy costs down. A bonus from maintaining your furnace regularly is having better indoor air quality in your home.

At Aspire, you can choose from two different maintenance plans. These plans will provide you with the peace of mind that your furnace will not leave you cold this winter. The technicians at Aspire are highly trained, NATE-certified, and always meet code and safety standards.

Aspire Heating & Cooling knows Furnace Repairs

If you find your furnace blowing cold air this winter, Aspire is your first call. Their highly-trained and experienced technicians will fix any furnace issue. In addition, they use only the most up-to-date technology. They complete every job efficiently, quickly and with the best customer service possible.

If needed, they will also replace your furnace with a new energy-efficient unit, which is also affordable. They understand that heating your home is a necessity. Thus, they have made financing a new unit attainable for everyone. Their financial solutions offer qualified customers zero down payment, low monthly payments and interest rates!

Do not let the cold air coming from your gas furnace keep you from warming up your home this winter. With Aspire, you will receive personalized solutions for your furnace issues. Contact Aspire Heating & Cooling today to ensure the warmth of your home. Or, call them at 336-281-0047 to speak with an experienced technician.

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