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Although the weather has been pretty mild, the cold stuff is coming! It will not be long before we have to deal with things like snow and freezing rain. There will also be plenty of days that do not get above freezing. Is your home ready for this? If last winter was very uncomfortable for you, there could be something wrong with your furnace. Now is the time to start looking into furnace repair companies so you won’t freeze at home.

Symptoms of a bad furnace

When a furnace is not functioning well, it will usually let you know. Think about talking with some furnace repair companies if any of these things are familiar:

You constantly have to crank the thermostat

When a furnace is working well, it will keep a home nice and warm. You should be able to basically set it and forget it. But if you find yourself always hiking it up, this is a sign something is wrong.

There is a lot of noise

Most furnaces make some noise, but it should not be very loud. If your furnace is noisy, this could be due to a belt. Belts can crack or simply deteriorate. A whining sound could be related to the ignition.

You see your heating bills escalating

A big sign that you need to seek out furnace repair companies is if your heating bills keep rising. Colder temperatures probably mean you will pay more. But if your costs continue to go up, there could be a problem with the furnace.

The furnace quickly turns on and then off

Furnaces that do this have a rapid cycling condition. In this instance, the issue may be because of faulty wiring. The ignition system could be to blame as well. Often the thermostat is part of the issue, so someone needs to check that out to determine the problem.

Aspire is one of the top furnace repair companies in the Winston-Salem area

Everyone should be comfortable in their home. If you are having some heating issues, call in the experts at Aspire. We will take a look at your furnace and get to the bottom of the problem. Then we will handle the repairs to your satisfaction. Contact us today.

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