what does auxiliary heat mean

Our cooling weather brings a common question: What does auxiliary heat mean and is it bad that it’s running? Generally, there are a few answers. Therefore, recognizing which one best fits your situation and understanding how your heat pump works is helpful. Plus, getting a grasp on aux heat, in general, clarifies the process.

What Does Auxiliary Heat Mean

First, let’s address the main concern that we hear often when someone wonders what does auxiliary heat mean when on. Is AUX heat bad? The short answer is no. In fact, aux heat is a critical mechanism that keeps your heat pump properly running when the outdoor temperature drops. Since this type of unit doesn’t work the same as a furnace, it can get cold. Consequently, you need a backup method involving heat strips in your unit. When the outdoor temperature dips extremely low, your chilly unit can’t create enough warm air to blow into your home. Therefore, heat strips (basically electric coils) turn on, providing a boost to heat your home.

Additionally, aux heat prevents your heat pump from freezing. Moreover, as moisture build-up in your unit turns into ice, the heat pump switches to defrost mode. In this case, warm air flows from your home back to your unit melting the ice.

However, since these heat strips use massive amounts of electricity, you don’t want them running all the time. So, next, consider SHOULD auxiliary heat come on? Once your vents finally get the kick they need to warm up, the heat strips should turn off. Likewise, once ice melts on your unit, auxiliary heat should cease. If it keeps running, call a heating repair company as quickly as possible to avoid an enormous electric bill.

Who Should You Call?

Speaking of calling a heating repair company, the company you choose is important. When deciding, a few things that you should look for are:

  • Guaranteed work
  • Upfront pricing
  • Certified technicians

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