​Aspire is a Local Heating and Air Conditioning Company

Any homeowner knows that one of the biggest headaches is heating/air conditioning system in their house. These units are complicated machines and there’s a lot that can go wrong with them. Luckily, Aspire Heating & Cooling has the experts to help. From keeping you warm in winter to helping you beat the summer heat; Aspire can handle […]

​If Your AC Smells Bad – Then Call Aspire Today

Homeowners know that some of the biggest headaches can come from heating or cooling systems. From system wear and tear to sudden breakdowns, it’s hard to know what’s wrong when there are symptoms. North Carolina weather can compound this problem. Hot and humid days in the summer give way to cold and snow in the […]

​What Causes AC Lines to Freeze in a Unit

The warm seasons are just around the corner. That means you want your AC unit working properly. Yet, if you are discovering ice on your unit, then this is an issue that you need to address. If you have frozen air conditioner lines, then the unit will not cool properly. It can even damage the […]