​HVAC Winston Salem – Why a Quality Company is Key

During most winters we can count on Winston-Salem being pretty mild. We may get some freezing days, but we don’t usually get a long cold spell. Well, that certainly was not the case in December when we had many single digit days. Hopefully your heating system kept you warm. But if it didn’t, it is […]

When Your Furnace Wont Shut Off Take These 3 Steps

My Furnace wont Shut Off — What Now? An overactive furnace can be frustrating and worrisome. The good news is, you might be able to solve the problem yourself. At Aspire Heating & Cooling, we’re qualified to handle the toughest HVAC problems. But when a customer’s furnace wont shut off we take a few simple first […]

​What is Auxiliary Heat – Find the Answer

We have had some brutally cold days this winter, and we have probably not seen the last of them. You have probably had to turn your heat way up to stay warm in your home. And if you have a heat pump, you may have noticed AUX on your thermostat. This means that it is […]

How Ductless HVAC Can Improve Your Living Space

If ductless HVAC isn’t a household term for you yet, you’re not alone. But if you’re considering new HVAC work on your house, it should definitely be on your radar. These advanced small-unit systems provide outstanding performance in a lightweight package. Here at Aspire Heating & Cooling, we’re big fans of ductless HVAC units because […]

​Heat Repair that Saves Money & Time

It is not ideal to have heating issues during cold winter months. Thankfully, Aspire Heating & Cooling excels at heat repair for customers in the Triad, NC area. Aspire Heating & Cooling is a professional HVAC company. They can repair multiple heating type units: gas furnaces, oil furnaces, geothermal units, heat pumps and more. Along with […]

​A Heating and Cooling Repair Shouldn’t be Postponed

When you own a home, you have a responsibility to protect your investment. It is critical that you don’t neglect certain maintenance tasks – especially of major components. One of these vital parts of a home is the HVAC system. It keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. But only if […]

​What Good Heat Repair Companies Should Offer

Temperatures are dropping, wind is blowing — cold weather is upon us! If your home’s heating system isn’t functioning correctly, you’re probably looking for heat repair companies nearby. So how can you find one that offers the expertise, service, and pricing you should demand from your HVAC company? Actually, it’s simple: call Aspire Heating & Cooling. […]