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Part of our business is having to deal with and dispose of hazardous chemicals. The refrigerants used in your air conditioning units have to handled carefully. We follow safe practices for disposing of the chemicals and machines we take away after a job well done. Another part of our business is staying aware and concerned about energy use and the footprint you leave behind.


Aspire Cares about the environmentReducing pollution and saving trees by going paperless.

We are constantly striving for a 100% paperless office, and we’re proud to say we’re well on our way. Our communication is done via email. Our scheduling system is completely computer optimized and connected to our team through mobile devices. Even our billing and receipts are digital. Our relationship with a digital office environment means paper factories and delivery trucks pumping out fewer CO2 emissions.

The average office uses 10,000 pieces of paper in a year. When that paper gets thrown out, it goes to a shredding facility, then to a landfill. Going paperless can save the world one click at a time.

The obvious answer is simple. Making paper requires cutting down trees. The US cuts and processes 68,000,000 trees to make enough paper for a year. By working toward a paperless office we are continuing to accept our responsibility for making the planet healthy for our children.

Recycle. Reduce. Reuse.Recycle. Reduce. Reuse.

Our efforts to be environmentally aware don’t end with our HVAC service. Our office consumes less energy using the latest climate control devices and energy-efficient technology. We employ strict recycling policies and we’re proud to say we’ve even furnished our office entirely with reclaimed furniture. With everything that we do here at Aspire Heating and Air both at your home and at our office, we are proud to say “You can feel the difference.”

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