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  • 21 Dec, 2022
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What to do for a Thermostat Not Reaching Set Temperature

Are you have problems with your thermostat not reaching set temperature? We can help. This is one of the most common problems people experience with their HVAC system. Our experienced team can test your system, determine the problem and solve the issue. We can also help you with a broken thermostat or any other HVAC repairs you may need.

What Causes Thermostat Not Reaching Set Temperature Problems?

If your home always feels too hot or too cold, you could be experiencing any number of thermostat problems. Here are some of the more common issues we’ll check to start:

  • The thermostat is either broken, dusty, or not level
  • You need a simple recalibration
  • Loose wiring is causing a thermostat problem
  • Your HVAC system is too small for your home.
  • The thermostat is in a location that is not optimal
  • Your air conditioner or furnace itself is having a problem
  • Dirty ducts or vents are causing airflow issues

Here at Aspire Heating & Cooling, we have experience diagnosing any HVAC problem. Sometimes an issue with your thermostat is an easy, quick fix. Other times, it is indicative of a more serious problem. Let’s go over each of these problems and how we can help you fix them!

Thermostat has Broken Part, is Dusty, or Not Level

If the temperature in your home isn’t correct, your thermostat itself may be having problems. If the thermostat is dusty, we can gently clean it to get it working again. This is something we recommend you hire a professional to do instead of doing it yourself. While it sounds easy enough to clean some dust, the thermostat is extremely sensitive. We can clean your thermostat without damaging it.

Your thermostat may simply be out of level. When a thermostat isn’t level and flush against the wall, the pin connection between the thermostat and backplate could be causing an incorrect temperature reading. Again, this is something we can fix easily, since we have experience with sensitive repairs.

If your thermostat has a broken part, you may need to replace it. Unfortunately, a broken thermostat is not easy to repair. It is typically more cost-effective to simply get a new one. The good news is that we have experience with thermostat replacement and have a variety of programmable thermostat options. We can install anything from a very simple thermostat to a smart thermostat you can control with your phone. Once you replace your broken thermostat, you’ll be able to easily get your home to the desired temperature.

Recalibrating Your Thermostat

Sometimes, a cooling and heating system won’t hit the thermostat temperature because the calibration is not correct. This is most commonly a problem if you have a newer thermostat or have recently lost power due to a power outage or low batteries. An old thermostat may also need recalibration over time.

If your thermostat doesn’t stay calibrated properly, you may need to replace it. Your thermostat shouldn’t need recalibration several times per year, even if you do have a power outage.

You can check your thermostat’s calibration very easily. Simply put an accurate thermometer near the thermostat and see if the temperature reads the same as the thermostat temperature. If it is off by more than one or two degrees, give us a call. We can do further testing to see if we can correct the calibration.

Loose Wiring

If your thermostat wiring is loose, it could cause issues with the display. This can, in turn, cause your room to never reach the temperature you set. The good news is that loose wiring is a pretty easy fix for our HVAC professionals.

You could also have corrosion in the thermostat wiring, or a build-up of dust could be preventing proper function of the wires. Once we open your thermostat, we’ll be able to quickly see if this is the issue.

Small HVAC Systems Can’t Heat Large Homes

If you have a problem with the thermostat not reaching set temperature, it isn’t always a thermostat problem. Instead, it could be an issue with the size of your HVAC system.

Your HVAC unit may not be large enough to heat and cool your entire house. This problem typically arises after people build onto their homes or convert a space that was not previously temperature-controlled. Have you recently done any of the following?

  • Converted a garage space to a living space
  • Enclosed a porch to create a sunroom
  • Built a new room onto your home
  • Finished a basement or attic
  • Started heating or cooling any new space

If so, your HVAC unit might be having a hard time keeping with your thermostat setting. In this case, we have two options: replace your HVAC unit or add a supplemental heat and cooling source.

Replacing an HVAC unit is a big job, and one that we only recommend if your old unit soon needs replacement anyway. We use high-quality cooling and heating system options that perfectly fit the size of your home. We are a Trane Factory Authorized Dealer, and our fully-licensed, NATE-certified technicians can help you choose the right Trane HVAC unit for you. Trane is a high-quality, trusted HVAC brand that we recommend to our own families. You can learn more about Trane HVAC options here.

Replacement is, again, only a good option if it was soon time for a new HVAC unit anyway. For most homes, it makes more sense to add a supplemental heating and cooling system. We recommend a ductless unit with its own digital thermostat. Ductless HVAC units, also called mini-split units, install directly onto a wall using only a very small hole to lead outside. They work great to create a second temperature zone in your home where you need it most.

Poor Thermostat Location

Another reason you might have a malfunctioning thermostat is the thermostat’s location in your home. Is the thermostat located in an area that gets very hot or very cold in relation to the rest of your house? If that’s the case, it will seem like you have a faulty thermostat. In reality, the sensors are reading a temperature that isn’t a good representation of the actual temperature in your home.

We recommend that you move your thermostat if it is near a window, fireplace, kitchen (especially stove), space heater, exterior door, or room with several lights that are in constant use. Additionally, we recommend moving your thermostat if it is on an exterior wall. You’ll get the most accurate readings if you mount your thermostat on an interior wall. The Aspire Heating & Cooling team can help you determine the best place to install your thermostat.

Broken HVAC System

If it seems like you have a malfunctioning thermostat, you may actually have a larger problem with your HVAC system. We perform a full diagnostic of your system to determine the issue. Although we’ll start with your thermostat, we’ll also look at other parts of your HVAC system. Sometimes, more than one part is faulty.

When we repair your HVAC unit, we want to be sure that you won’t have to call us again next week with another problem. Our comprehensive review of your system will ensure there are no other problems contributing to your faulty thermostat.

We also recommend our tune-up plan. As part of your membership, you’ll get two inspections every year for one low price. We’ll make sure your HVAC (including your thermostat) is working properly, as well as optimize performance and air quality. Our tune-up plan also includes a chemical condenser coil wash as needed for your AC unit. You can learn more about our tune-up plan here.

Dirty Ducts or Vents

Sometimes, you may experience a faulty thermostat reading because your ducts or vents are dirty. This can also happen if you have a clogged air filter. In general, if the air can’t flow well, you could have issues heating and cooling your home. Your AC or furnace may seem to run all the time, or it might shut off before you hit the optimal temperature.

We can clean your dirty ducts and vents to prevent these problems. As a bonus, this will vastly improve your home’s air quality.

Many people don’t realize they have an air quality problem until they experience what life is like with clean air. When you have a clean system, you no longer have to worry about outdoor allergens, pet dander, mold, and other particles shooting through your ducts every time your HVAC unit or fan switches on.

We can even install an air-circulating thermostat. This is a smart thermostat that runs for a few minutes every hour, even if your home is already the perfect temperature. It simply uses a fan to circulate the air, preventing stale, stagnant air. During these times when the family is spending more time inside, good air circulation becomes even more critical to our health.

Additionally, we have high-quality HEPA air filters available, so you can easily change a clogged air filter. We recommend changing out your air filter every few months. If you have pets, have your windows open during the day, or live in a dusty area, we recommend switching your air filter even more often, typically about once a month.

If you want even cleaner air, we can install an iWave indoor air scrubber and sanitizer. The iWave gets rid of odors, as well as killing mold, bacteria, and viruses. If you’re interested in an iWave for your home, contact us to speak to a team member about whether this product is right for you.

Service and Support – Help with Your Heat When You Need It Most

As we head into winter, we know that our customers can’t always wait several days for help. If you find yourself in the dead of winter without working heat, you need a repair ASAP. The same goes for air conditioning repair in the middle of summer. When temperatures hit the triple digits, you don’t want to wait weeks for an air conditioner repair.

Whether it is a malfunctioning thermostat or another problem, Aspire Heating & Cooling is here to help. The Aspire team prioritizes calls and responds to emergency HVAC problems. We make sure that our customers have heat again as quickly as possible so you don’t have to do anything drastic like leave your home to stay at a hotel.

Once we’ve determined the problem, we’ll present you with all the solutions, along with prices. We never want to surprise you by the cost of a repair. If replacement makes more sense, we’ll talk you through those options as well. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Our team of professionals can explain HVAC issues to people who have no HVAC experience. We always want to inform our customers about all options, so they can make the best choice for their situation.

After you’ve made a decision about how to proceed, we’ll get the repair work or new HVAC installation completed quickly.

Top-Quality Customer Service

We strive to provide the best customer service in North Carolina, regardless of the time you call. Here are some reviews from our real customers:

“We have been using Aspire for 4 years now at two different homes. Great quality service and a professional staff. They have repaired our systems and even replaced one. Would highly recommend them, if you are in need of an HVAC company.” – Ben Kramer

“Our heat went out on a frigid, rainy Saturday. It was so simple to call Aspire, press 2 and immediately connect to a technician. I spoke with Adam, who was incredibly professional and kind from the get-go. Prior to scheduling our service, he even attempted to troubleshoot several things over the phone. He was up-front about all potential costs for the scheduled visit. Upon arrival, his service was superior and our issue was fixed thoroughly and promptly.” – Eliza Tippette

You can read more customer reviews here.

If you need help with your broken thermostat or any other HVAC problem, you can click here to contact us. Or, simply fill out the form above to schedule a free consultation.

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