When Your Air Conditioner is Not Cooling Properly, Give Us a Call!

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  • 21 Dec, 2022
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When Your Air Conditioner is Not Cooling Properly, Give Us a Call!

If your air conditioner is not cooling your home, the Aspire Heating & Cooling team can help. We have experience repairing a number of HVAC problems. Additionally, we can help replace your unit if needed. No matter what you need, we can help you stay cool this summer.

Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner is Not Cooling Properly

Air conditioning units break down for any number of reasons. Without having a licensed HVAC professional look at the unit, it is impossible to determine the exact problem. However, here are a few reasons people have cooling issues with their air conditioners:

  • Airflow Issues

If your air filter is dirty, the problem could be restricted airflow. Air filters need replacement every 1-3 months in most cases, but it really depends on your unit and your home. If you have pets, for example, the shedding fur may mean that you have to replace your filter more regularly. Restricted airflow could also happen if there are holes in the ductwork. In some cases, raccoon, squirrels, feral cats, and other critters can chew holes in the ductwork. If this happens, you’ll never achieve the temperature set on your thermostat because you’ll be cooling your crawl space.

  • Low Refrigerant Levels

One of our licensed professionals can check your refrigerant levels. This is a vital fluid needed to produce cold air from your AC unit. If your refrigerant levels are low, you probably have a leak somewhere in the system. Before you can add more refrigerant, you must repair the leak. Otherwise, you’ll just be dumping your money down the drain. Click here to learn more about our repair services.

  • Evaporator Coil Problems

The evaporator coils in an AC unit house the refrigerant to cool the air in your home. However, if they are not working properly, they can freeze, which prevents the unit from doing its job. This sometimes happens if your coils are very dirty and need professional cleaning. Our service plans can help keep your air conditioner clean and in good working condition. Having a regular maintenance plan saves money and catches small problems before they become major, expensive projects.

Other Issues that Could Be Causing Problems

The above-listed issues are not the only problems that could be causing your AC to cool your home improperly. At Aspire Heating & Cooling, we have experience fixing a wide range of broken parts. When your HVAC system isn’t working, we start with diagnosis.

First, we’ll check the condensing unit outside your home. In fact, this is something you can initially check before calling us. One problem is that weeds could be blocking the unit, which means the fans may not be working. Before you call us, try clearing any brush or overgrowth away from the unit.

Additionally, we’ll check for fan issues, such as a broken fan or dirty fan. If it isn’t a fan issue, it may also be an issue with your thermostat. Problems could cause a short with the thermostat or the breaker box. A compressor issue is another possibility. Or, it could be a combination of several parts failing, if you have an older unit. In other words, there are many parts in an HVAC unit! If yours is having cooling issues, we’ll check every part to determine the problem. From the thermostat to the compressor to the coils… we can help!

Air Conditioner Financing

Our NATE-certified technicians have experience with both duct and ductless air conditioner replacement. If repairs would be costly, we’ll let you when installing a new unit is a better option. Some parts like the compressor are more expensive to replace than other parts, like fans. It depends on your specific unit. We’ll always give you the best recommendations for your budget.

In addition, we also sometimes recommend replacing your unit if your current unit is simply too small. If your AC is dripping water, for example, it may be having a hard time keeping up with cooling and dehumidifying your home. (Of course, leaks can also happen for other reasons.) To achieve cooler temperatures, you may need a bigger unit.

You don’t have to wait to replace your air conditioner, even if you are worried about the cost. If you need a new unit, we can help you find financing options. For qualified buyers, we have options that include no money down financing and 0% interest rates. However, if your credit is less than perfect, don’t worry. We have options for you too! With our lease-to-own option, you simply need to meet income requirements.

To learn more about our AC financing options, click here to speak to a member of our team. We’ll help you figure out why your air conditioner is not cooling properly. Then, we’ll work with you to obtain financing, when needed.

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