Your AC Smells Bad When You Turn It on – What to Do

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  • 21 Dec, 2022
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Your AC Smells Bad When You Turn It on – What to Do

After a long winter, the warmer days are finally here! Soon it’ll be so hot, you’ll want to turn on your air conditioner. Sadly, when you turn yours on, you notice a particularly strong smell.  The smell wafts from the air vents and into the whole house. With temperatures outside soaring, you certainly need to do something soon. When your AC smells bad when turned on, call the AC experts, Aspire Heating and Cooling.

When it comes to the dependable operation of your cooling system, you can trust Aspire Heating and Cooling. We provide upfront service, honest pricing, and reliable solutions to get your AC back in good working condition. Our fully-licensed, NATE-certified technicians use state-of-the-art technology to discover your problem. Then, with a full inventory of replacement parts, we get the job done quickly. Call us today at 336-281-0047 with your problem and we’ll have your air conditioner up and running.

Common Causes of Bad Smells

Chiefly, there are 2 main reasons why you may have a nasty odor coming from your unit. A rotten egg smell may mean you have a dead animal in your ductwork. Mice, rats, and squirrels are the typical culprits squeezing into vents and cracks. Moreover, mice can squeeze through a hole that is only ¼ of an inch wide. If you have dead wildlife in your vents or ductwork, call a professional wildlife removal service to remove the animal. Once you do that, make sure you properly seal all openings to prevent more wildlife from entering.

Another common cause of a bad odor is mold or mildew growing somewhere in your system. Both mold and mildew are indoor air pollutants that can cause health issues.  AC units can be magnets for mold as there is potential for moisture build-up. Wherever there is moisture, mold can easily form. Some common areas mold and mildew can form are on your evaporator coil, drain pan, and air ducts. These are areas where moisture can accumulate encouraging the growth of mold and mildew.

Can you Prevent a Bad Odor in Your AC?

Despite being very important, most homeowners overlook one simple solution, change your air filter frequently. How frequently depends on the filter type, how often you run your unit, and whether you have any pets. If your filter becomes clogged, the contaminants will back up into your ductwork. Add some moisture in there and you have the potential for a large mold growth.

Another way to prevent odors is to have regularly scheduled tune-ups. This involves one of our technicians inspecting your unit for contaminants as well as the proper functioning of your unit. In addition, Aspire Heating and Cooling has 2 service plans to choose from, so you can find one to fit your budget and needs.

Finally, Aspire Heating and Cooling can install air quality components to filter and destroy pollutants before they enter your home. We have several air purifiers that attach into your existing system. These include the Honeywell filter box, Global Plasma Solutions 2400 series, or TopTech Air Knight system. Call Aspire today and let one of our technicians explain how one of these systems can eliminate indoor air pollutants.

AC smells Bad When Running

With the hotter weather approaching don’t wait to repair your air conditioning unit. If your AC smells bad when you turn it on, call Aspire Heating and Cooling. Our certified technicians get your unit back up and running quickly.

Sometimes, your HVAC system is beyond repair and you need a new unit. If this happens, we have plenty of financing options to help you. They include plans with 0% interest or low monthly payments. Additionally, we have a rent-to-own option for those who may not have the budget to purchase immediately.  Over the years we’ve garnered many good reviews for our professional and fast service. So why wait until you’re sweating and you can’t use your AC? Today, call Aspire Heating and Cooling at 336-281-0047.

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