Furnace Blowing Cold Air from Your Vents – How to Fix

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  • 21 Dec, 2022
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Furnace Blowing Cold Air from Your Vents – How to Fix

Currently, of all the fuel choices available for providing heat for your home, gas is the most common.  Primarily due to the fact that it’s the cheapest, cleanest and most efficient fossil fuel available. Plus, a gas furnace rarely breaks down and requires few repairs. But occasionally, they do break down and you may find your furnace blowing cold air out your vents. When this happens, call one of the most-trusted HVAC repair companies in the Winston-Salem area, Aspire Heating & Cooling.

Aspire Heating & Cooling is veteran-owned and operated and is staffed with NATE-certified technicians. We service all makes and models of heating options, including gas furnaces, and heat pumps. Also, we offer 2 maintenance plans – each one complies with Energy Star recommendations and the American National Standards Institute.  Plus, we are a Trane authorized dealer, one of the most reliable natural gas furnace brands according to Consumer Reports.

How to Prepare Your Gas Furnace for the Winter

With the warm days of summer behind us, it’s time to get your furnace ready for the cold of winter. Nothing is worse than having cold air blow from your vents when you want warm air. Although a qualified technician needs to perform some tasks, there are some you can do yourself.

  • Replace the air filter
  • Clean air vents
  • Inspect the blower belt for cracks
  • Check the exhaust flue outdoors to ensure it is free of obstructions
  • Keep the area around your furnace free of clutter

Other jobs, like checking electrical connections or cleaning burners and flame sensors, are best left to professionals. At Aspire Heating & Cooling, we have a choice of service plans to suit your needs. Remember, maintaining your heating system can lead to a longer life and fewer problems.

What’s That Smell?

Occasionally, you may notice odd smells that blow from your furnace. While some odors are serious, not all smells are cause for alarm. For example, a musty odor that dissipates after a few hours of your furnace running is harmless. Additionally, some smells you can fix by simply changing your air filter before it gets clogged.

Other smells are more serious and need the help of a technician. For instance, if you notice a rotten egg smell, call an HVAC repairman immediately. Since natural gas is odorless, many gas companies add the chemical mercaptan.  This sulfur-based chemical has the distinct smell of rotten eggs in order for you to detect gas. Also, be wary of a sharp ozone smell, a scent not unlike that of chlorine. If such a smell is coming from your furnace, it may be overheating. In addition to a number of other issues, a clogged air filter may cause overheating. Certainly, excessive heat can melt away wire insulation creating the potential for a fire.

How to Reset Your Furnace

Sometimes when you find your vents emitting cold air, it may be as simple as resetting your system. As your gas furnace ages, it may begin acting unpredictably. If you feel unheated air blow out from your vents, you may need to reset it.  A reset button on your burner is a safety device. It shuts the burner down when it thinks there’s a problem. To reset your system:

  • Check to make sure the pilot light is out
  • Turn down the room thermostat to its lowest setting
  • Switch off the power to your furnace at the circuit breaker
  • Shut off the furnace’s main gas supply
  • Relight the furnace
  • Put the power back on and then the main gas supply
  • Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds

If your gas furnace still doesn’t work properly after resetting it, then you’ll need to call a service

technician. Call Aspire Heating & Cooling at 336-281-0047 to set up a prompt, convenient appointment. Using state-of-the-art technology and our extensive training, we’ll have your furnace back to providing warm air quickly.

Furnace Blowing Cold Air – Call a Trustworthy, Reliable Company

As the days shorten and the leaves change color, you know that cold, winter days are coming. When the mercury in the thermometer plummets, you’ll need to fire up your furnace. Don’t wait until you experience a problem like your furnace blowing cold air out your vents. Let Aspire Heating & Cooling prepare your furnace for winter.

Consumers know that with a NATE-certified technician, they’re getting the best installation and service in their HVAC system. And our many positive reviews reflect our commitment to your customer satisfaction. Besides repair and maintenance, we also install complete HVAC systems, ductless systems, and indoor air quality units. So, call us today at 336-281-0047 to schedule an appointment to service your system. Because your indoor comfort is our goal.

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