Our HVAC Servicing Plans Can Give You Peace of Mind

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  • 21 Dec, 2022
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Our HVAC Servicing Plans Can Give You Peace of Mind

Most people don’t really think about their HVAC system until there is a problem. We’re all guilty of taking our heating and cooling for granted. Unfortunately, we’ve all also experienced an issue with our air conditioner during what is inevitably the hottest day of summer, or with our heating system on the coldest day of winter. When your home isn’t the right temperature it can affect your mood in the best case and your health or safety in the worst case. HVAC servicing can prevent these problems.

DIY HVAC Maintenance We Recommend to Lower Your Energy Bill

Having a professional service your HVAC is the best way to keep your energy bill low. However, as we move into fall and winter, there are a few DIY maintenance tips, so that you can lower your energy costs.

First, start by adjusting your thermostat. If you have a programmable thermostat, you can change the temperature based on the time of day. We recommend lowering the temperature setting at night. You don’t want it so low that you aren’t comfortable when sleeping, but an extra blanket might make more sense than a higher thermostat setting. You can also set the temperature lower when you are away from home. Be mindful of pets if you have them, and never turn off your heat completely. Even if you don’t have pets, you don’t want to cause plumbing issues because your pipes freeze.

Next, if you have ceiling fans, check out if you can easily reverse the direction during the winter. When the weather is cool, you want your fans to move in a clockwise direction. This will help push hot air down as it rises.

Another common maintenance issue that can cause your energy bill to be higher is improper insulation. We recommend looking at the insulation, especially if you have unfinished attic space. You want to ensure that the insulation hasn’t been flattened by critters running across it. (And as a side note, this is a great time to check that you don’t have any critters in your attic space in the first place.) Cold weather attracts bats and other pests to warm, indoor spaces.

Last but not least, make sure you seal anywhere there is a draft. Hot air can easily leak out of your home through doors and windows. Replace any door or window seals that are not in good condition. You can also use an inexpensive door draft stopper to cut your energy costs.

What Kind of Professional HVAC Maintenance Do You Need?

While our DIY checklist is a great place to start, nothing beats a true HVAC inspection from a trained professional. Our routine HVAC maintenance service completely reviews your equipment to spot potential problems before they become big issues. We’ll also ensure that your system is running safely and at top efficiency so that your energy bill won’t be higher than necessary this winter.

We have 2 service options. First, we can do a one-time inspection of your HVAC system. This ensures your heating unit is ready to go for winter. However, you can save money by choosing our service agreement. With our Premium Service Plan, you receive 2 tune-ups per year, at the beginning of the heating season and the beginning of the cooling season. This plan is only $199. If you choose a one-time service call, the cost is $119. Contact us today to schedule your next tune-up. Members receive schedule priority.

We’ll check your vents, coolant levels, all accessible air ducts, and the drain line to look for mold, dirt, and other problems. The premium plan also includes:

  • Inspection of electrical connections and line voltages
  • Cleaning of flame sensor and drain pan
  • Evaporator coil and condenser coil inspection
  • Measure and record coolant suction pressure and discharge pressure
  • Clean burners
  • And much more!

Best of all, you’ll receive priority service and get 15% off if you need any repairs during the inspection or throughout the year.

Whether you choose a one-time visit or our premium plan, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Common HVAC Problems We Catch

When you hire us for your HVAC maintenance, you can rest assured that there are no big issues coming down the pipeline. The heat always goes out on the coldest day of winter, right? Avoid a surprise problem by nipping it in the bud at the beginning of the season. We can help you avoid up to 95% of all problems!

Here are a few HVAC issues that we commonly catch for our customers:

  • Clogs caused by normal leaves or dirt, which can have a domino effect on your HVAC unit
  • Parts that are past their prime due to normal wear and tear, which need replacement before they break completely
  • Thermostat malfunctions that are causing you to pay a lot more in energy bills
  • Mold and mildew growth, which can cause major air quality problems and even health and safety issues
  • Whining or squealing sounds coming from worn bearings in the motor or condenser
  • Dirty coils, which cause your HVAC to work harder, limiting the lifespan of your unit and costing you more money
  • Water leaks due to a cracked drain line, heat exchanger, evaporator drain pan, or other part that needs replacement

This is not a complete list. Our NATE-certified technicians regularly catch and fix small issues. Often, these would have grown into large, expensive problems if they continued. For most customers, a service call from the Aspire team is going to save you lots of money. Of course, the peace of mind is priceless.

HVAC Servicing and Air Quality

When a technician services your HVAC unit, we’ll look for issues with dust, dirt, debris, pollen, pet hair, mold, mildew, and other allergens which can affect the air quality in your home. A dirty HVAC unit can make your home smell bad and cause health issues. Air quality can be especially problematic for your health if anyone in your family has issues with allergies, asthma, or other lung-related diseases. Our lung health has become increasingly important during this time of Covid-19 and flu season.

We can help. We’ll clean your system during our HVAC service call, as well as help you improve your air quality between scheduled maintenance. We can do this through:

  • New air-circulating thermostats, which cycle the air without drastically increasing your energy bill
  • Better air filter options for your return vent (are you using the best filters on the market?)
  • An upgraded air filtration system, installed at the furnace, which can stop 99.97% of dust and other particles typically circulated by your heating and AC system
  • A whole-home humidifier to keep your home’s humidity at a safe and comfortable level
  • Installation of a home air scrubber, which removes bad smells, mold, bacteria and more

If you have major air quality issues, we can also help you replace your system. Air quality is most commonly a problem when you have a very old unit.

Need Repair? We Can Help

If we do discover a problem during routine HVAC maintenance, we’ll give you a full report along with potential solutions. Some problems need immediate attention because your family is at risk or your unit will fail very soon. In other cases, you’ll have some time to think about how you want to proceed. An HVAC technician will help you in either situation. We’ll explain exactly what is going on and your options for repair.

Our HVAC company will never pressure you into choosing us for a repair. You are always free to call around to get other quotes for repair, even if you use us for preventative maintenance. You should feel 100% comfortable with the repair solution and the price you’re paying.

If you do choose us for the repair, we prioritize you. We can handle some repairs the same day as your HVAC servicing. However, sometimes your heating system may have a more complicated problem or older parts. In this case, we’ll stay in close touch about how long it will take for the repair or to receive the required parts.

Keep in mind that your home warranty policy, if you have one, may cover many HVAC repairs. In some cases, your homeowners’ insurance policy may cover a repair or replacement. We’ll provide the receipts so you can get a reimbursement if you are eligible for one.

Is HVAC Replacement Necessary?

Whenever it makes sense, we recommend HVAC repair instead of replacement. Not every HVAC company has your best interests at heart. Some will jump right to recommending replacement because they want to make more money. Here at Aspire, we only recommend replacement in two situations:

1. The repair will be more expensive than replacing the system

2. Any repair we do will be a band-aid, so you’ll end up spending a lot of money today to repair your system, even though you’ll end up replacing it soon anyway

If we recommend replacing your system, an Aspire HVAC technician will explain your options. We are a Trane Factory Authorized Dealer, and our team has experience and training with Trane installation procedures. Therefore, our professionals will install your heating and AC system correctly to ensure it will last several decades.

With proper preventative maintenance, your HVAC system can last 15 to 25 years. When you do need a new system, we have experience installing gas units, heat pumps, mini-splits, and more. We’ll walk you through all options available so you can find the best one for your home. Please ask about our financing options, so that you receive the best payment plan for your budget.

Why You Should Choose Aspire Heating and Cooling

With so many HVAC companies in the Triad area, we are honored that you are considering Aspire Heating and Cooling for your HVAC system maintenance needs. Here’s what we do to stand above the rest:

  • We provide transparent, honest pricing. When you hire Aspire, you’ll never get a surprise bill at the end of the work.
  • A NATE-certified technician will work on your HVAC unit. The North American Technician Excellence certification ensures that a professional with extensive training will service or install your HVAC system. You don’t have to worry about an inexperienced technician damaging your unit or your property.
  • We treat you the way we treat our own family. We’ll only recommend a costly repair or replacement if you actually need it.
  • Our service plan comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy.
  • We don’t give you a cookie cutter solution. When you need HVAC repair, you need a customized solution. We’ll figure out what is going to work best for your AC system and home.
  • When you need HVAC service or repair, we’ll complete the work as quickly as possible and always respect your home and property.

If you need an HVAC contractor and have more questions, we’d be happy to answer them. We want you to feel completely comfortable hiring us for your HVAC needs.

Request a Free Consultation Today!

Are you ready to learn more about how Aspire can help you with preventative maintenance, HVAC repair, and more? Fill out the form at the top of this page. We’ll give you a free consultation and price quote. You can also click here to contact us via email or phone. We hope to hear from you soon!

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